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"Excellent Service! We recently switched both our home and rental property waste removal business from one of the big local companies to JB’s Disposal Services – and wish we had done this much sooner! We discovered wonderful customer service in the office and very conscientious, friendly drivers on the road. We have had to ask for a couple of last minute unscheduled pick-ups at home and at one of our apartment complexes – they were addressed immediately and we weren’t charged an arm and a leg! The driver at our home was even joking with us and had a big smile and a wave when he left. We cannot recommend JB’s Disposal Service highly enough! Great service at reasonable rates – you can’t beat it!"
Cassie Lukins
Cedar Grove LLC
"Highly Recommend. The Team at JB’s has been amazing!! They have brought back the family touch of doing business in Bloomington. I can’t recommend a better team for your trash removal needs. Mark Hoffman Pavilion Properties Managment, LLC"
"Not only do they have great prices, but also very friendly and professional staff"
"Best Trash Removal Company We’ve Had! We have been with JB Salvage for 4 months. We switched to them because we were very unhappy with the service we were getting before. JB’s came bright and early in the morning when we needed to do the switch between companies so that there was not any glitch between service. Every time we drive past the dumpsters (We have 2), the area is always immaculate. They actually get out of their truck and pick up around it. When we first were looking for new service, we asked them for references. They were the only company that was able to give us references right off the bat. We highly recommend them for anyone!"
Cicely Turner
Costley & Co. Rental Management Inc.
The best disposal service! JB is a hardworking and responsible disposal service provider! Wonderful customer service and always punctual for delivery, thumbs up!
"Very pleased. I have dealt with JB’s for several years, they are most reliable company I have ever known. Their trash service is the best and most dependable. I would hope all of Monroe County would use and support this locally owned company."
Debbie Hayes
"110% from the start. My husband and I finally got fed up with our previous trash service – for various reasons, price, service, and timely pickup just to name a few. As I was browsing for a new trash service I stumbled on JBs website and was familiar with the name because my husband uses them to drop off aluminum and scrap metal. Had no idea they also did trash service. What caught my eye was the 4+ stars they had, compared to the 1 stars of literally all the other trash services here in Bloomington. I’m happy to say they’ve lived up to that 4+ star rating from the minute I called them about starting up service. They were kind and considerate on the phone, while providing informed answers to my questions. Their prices are extremely competitive and unlike our last company, have no hidden fees that would make the bill go up $25 every month. Our new service was started the very next day when they dropped off the new tote as promised, which allowed us to make a seamless change from our old service. The thing that knocked it out of the park for me… when I got home, our new, clean tote had been walked all the way up our driveway (which is literally like the side of a steep mountain) and placed right next to the garage door for us, with a new customer pamphlet tucked right in the lid. I’ve been floored with their customer service. Absolutely amazing and worth every cent.
Holly and Kannady